A better practice idea to maximise resident participation and functional performance in a low care residential facility


Providing interventions for elderly individuals that engage participation in a timely and economic way is a challenge facing physiotherapists working in low care residential facilities. On assessment, many present with common impairments that impact on their functional performance; these could be individually targeted using a circuit group format. This paper reports on a 10-station circuit exercise program designed by the physiotherapist to improve functional performance as measured by the timed up and go test. The intervention was performed twice weekly over a three month period. Eighteen residents provided pre and post intervention measures and the results showed a trend of improvement with minimal attrition. Residents also provided qualitative feedback through self report, quotes included ‘this makes me feel young again’ and ‘I look forward to the circuit club, its good fun’. Following an Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency facility audit the program received a better practice commendation and is easily replicable in similar settings.


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