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When ‘strong’ might be wrong: Evaluating the evidence in CRPS management


In this issue, you will find a paper by Cossins et al., (2012) entitled ‘Treatment of complex regional pain syndrome [CRPS] in adults: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials published from June 2000 to February 2012’. The aim of this review was to provide an updated summary of the evidence of effectiveness for all treatments for CRPS. This is an important task as considerable uncertainty persists regarding the optimal management of this condition. It is also a difficult one. The review reveals a broad and somewhat disparate selection of approaches mostly represented by one or two small trials of variable quality. Heterogeneity in interventions, dose, delivery method, diagnostic criteria and stage of the disease are frequently compounded by incomplete reporting in the original trials. We sympathize with the challenges this presented to the authors as we are currently completing an overview of systematic reviews for the Cochrane Collaboration on the same topic (O'Connell et al., 2011).



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