Emmanuel Lévinas and Christian Theology

Glenn J. Morrison, University of Notre Dame Australia


Faithful to the Talmudic tradition and seared by the experience of the Shoah, Levinas’s life work is both a polemic against Christianity and a proclamation of the Christianity envisaged by Matt 25. His writings inevitably touch on theological themes central to Christian tradition. The author examines four of these – God and love of neighbour, the paschal theme, cosmology, and Eucharist – to show how Levinas can throw new light on these mysteries of our faith, a light that shines from the crucible of kenotic love, both human and divine.

Glenn J Morrison, 'Emmanuel Lévinas and Christian Theology', Irish Theological Quarterly, Vol. 68 (1), p. 3-24, 2003.

ISSN: 0021-1400

DOI: 10.1177/002114000306800101


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