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Fly-in/fly-out nursing: Is it for us? New graduate nurses' perspectives



Fly-in / Fly-out models of health care for rural remote communities are currently the focus of evaluation and debate, as the health inequalities of rural remote communities continue to challenge both health service providers and health care consumers. At first glance, these models of health care attract the attention of new graduate nurses transitioning to practice. Fly-in / Fly-out Nursing models may resolve some of the tensions in career planning and aspirations, however they may also present significant tensions within health care services and the communities they serve. This paper presents the thoughts and perceptions of new graduate nurses, as they explore future career pathways in rural remote nursing, drawing upon the rural remote health literature, and in recognition of the enduring inequalities of rural remote health in Australia.


nursing workforce, remote area nursing, FIFO, fly-in/fly-out

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