Purpose: To explore and describe lymphoma survivors’ thoughts and perceptions of the components of a nurse led lymphoma survivorship clinic intervention.

Methods: An exploratory, qualitative descriptive study using interviews from 10 participants who had transitioned post-treatment into the survivorship phase via a nurse-led lymphoma survivorship clinic intervention.

Results: Thematic analysis revealed three major themes: Reassurance and individualised care; Information and support; and Empowerment. Participants described the reassurance they gained from having contact with a health professional post-treatment who individualised information and support. A survivorship care plan and treatment summary was developed for this study and was believed to be very patient-centred and helpful. This enabled participants to take back control of their health and well-being and to rebuild confidence.

Conclusions: In this study, participants expressed a need for patient-centred follow-up care that addressed their concerns and supported them in the survivorship phase to get their life back on track. Nurse-led follow-up may offer a viable model of post-treatment survivorship care to lymphoma cancer survivors.


lymphoma cancer, survivorship, qualitative interviews, nurse-led clinic intervention, survivorship care plans and treatment summaries

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