Background: Clinical placements should provide nursing students with a positive environment for learning in which they develop a framework for future practice. The literature articulates that this is not always the case. The objective of this research was to develop, implement and evaluate a new education seminar for nursing staff—The Art of Clinical Supervision (ACS), designed for nurses to provide a toolbox of strategies to better support students whilst on clinical placement. The ACS was presented in Western Australia, in both metropolitan and regional health services, in both the public and private health sector. This sample consisted of 199 registered nurses working in areas that actively placed nursing students. A mixed method approach incorporated surveys, online reflections and interviews. This article will outline the qualitative phase of this mixed method research. Analysis of the qualitative data determined that participants perceived the seminar as a helpful strategy for improving nursing practice in relation to student supervision. In particular, the concept of belongingness was viewed as an important component to improving attitudes and placement learning, the focus of this article. The implications of belongingness and how this can be promoted is an important concept that nursing leaders, education providers and clinical supervisors need to consider.


clinical supervision, nursing clinical placements, nursing attitudes

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