Nulungu Reconciliation Lecture

Nulungu Reconciliation Lecture


The Nulungu Reconciliation Lecture Series was first launched in August 2008 to coincide with the launch of the Nulungu Research Institute. The lecture series was established to provide a public avenue space for prominent Aboriginal speakers to contribute to ongoing discussions relating to Reconciliation and how Reconciliation might be achieved in the context of the Kimberley, and beyond.

The Nulungu lecture is held annually in the month of August, and traditionally the event is held on the evening before the Broome Campus Graduation Ceremony.

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2024 Reconciliation Lecture
2023 Professor Peter Yu AM
2022 Professor Lynette Henderson-Yates
2021 Dr Robert Isaacs AM, OAM, PhD (Hon)
2019 Associate Professor Raymond Lovett
2018 Anna Dwyer
2017 Nolan Hunter
2016 Juli Coffin
2015 Ben Sana Wyatt, MLA
2014 Mick Gooda
2012 Peter Dawson
2011 June Oscar
2010 Professor Mick Dodson
2009 Deborah Cheetham
2008 Patrick Dodson