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The Sisters of St John of God (SSJG) arrived in the Kimberley in 1907 and through the following 110 years played a critical role in the story of the region: when it comes to health, education, and social development in the Kimberley over the past century the SSJG are central characters. As with many other institutions, the SSJG have reached a time in their journey where they are seeking to transition their values and experiences into some lasting benefit for the Kimberley and its people. It may be that the Sisters will no longer have a physical presence in this part of Australia but they are determined that their story will, in whatever way possible, provide some understanding to future generations of a part of the country whose colonial history bears so little resemblance to that of any other part of Australia.

Sisters of St John of God in the Kimberley: A journey near completion and a story still to be told



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