Greek program at Notre Dame recognised internationally

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Media Release

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Summer 14-2-2013

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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Dedication to the sustainability and vibrancy of the Greek language, history and culture at The University of Notre Dame Australia's Fremantle Campus has once again been warmly recognised by the local and international Hellenic community.

Highlighting the outstanding success of the Greek Studies program and its coordinator, Savvas Papasavvas, the School of Arts and Sciences received a donation from the Cyprus High Commission, Canberra, to continue "(its) contribution to the effort of promoting the Greek and Cypriot studies, language, history and culture in Australia".

The program has also been recognised by the Cyprus High Commission, Canberra, with generous donations in previous years.

Mr Papasavvas said Greek Studies at Notre Dame was more than simply a language-learning program. He said the preservation and promotion of the Hellenic culture, as well as networking with Greek communities, were important components of the course.

"I'm delighted and very grateful for the continued support of the Cyprus Government to the Greek Studies program here at Notre Dame," Mr Papasavvas said.

"I always say to my students that without a sound knowledge of the Greek culture, the Greek language cannot be understood in its full form. Interacting with some of my students who have travelled to Greece in the past, I can see that they feel strongly about continuing the rich legacy of the Greek culture here in Australia."

Statistics published in 2010 showed that there were more than 42,000 students attending Greek language classes in Australia and is the most popular language taught within the ethnic schools sector.

In addition to being spoken by more than 500,000 Australians of Greek and non-Greek descent, the Greek language is the oldest and sole survivor of the ancient European languages bearing a linguistic age of 4000 years.

Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences in Fremantle, Associate Professor Dylan Korczynskyj, said the success of the Greek Studies program was dependent on the sustained support of several donors and the dedication to the curriculum by Mr Papasavvas.

"For a long time now, the Cypriot Government has generously supported the Greek Studies program at Notre Dame which amongst other things has allowed us to offer scholarships to assist students studying Greek and Cypriot literature, Greek social-linguistics and history of the Hellenic Diasporas," Assoc Prof Korczynskyj said.

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