Student suggestions for Victoria Quay revitalisation welcomed

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Media Release

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Spring 3-12-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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Creating a more tourist-friendly precinct that maximises on Fremantle's picturesque sunsets and ideal coastal location was a key initiative suggested by Notre Dame students for the future redevelopment of Victoria Quay.

An interactive workshop was conducted by Andrew Watt from Creating Communities Australia and the planning and design consultants from Fremantle Ports on The University of Notre Dame Australia's Fremantle Campus recently.

The purpose was to obtain views and ideas from young people in the community and Notre Dame students for the future development of Victoria Quay, including the Fremantle bus and train terminals and Pioneer Park.

An area which features the new world-class Maritime Museum and other historic buildings which reflect Western Australia's rich maritime heritage, the Victoria Quay revitalisation hopes to attract more tourists and residents to the waterfront, and the neighbouring West End, the location of Notre Dame's Fremantle Campus, and Bathers Beach.

"What emerged from the consultation was that, in general, the students only used the area for parking or walking to and from the train station or using the ferry. They all thought the area was underutilised and needed reviewing," External Affairs Coordinator, Fremantle Ports, Jeanette Murray said.

Third year Bachelor of Laws/Arts student, Craig Dunne, said there were a number of great ideas which were viewed positively by the working group. Among these ideas was to shift the entrance of the main bus terminal on Phillimore Street further north to allow tourists and other visitors easier and safer access to the city-centre.

"Another idea was to transform the front of the train station and Pioneer Park into an open and relaxed environment where people could unwind with a cup of coffee and catch up with friends," Mr Dunne said.

"An expanded commercial precinct with a variety of restaurants or small bars on or around the port area was also canvassed in order to showcase the spectacular sunset views across the harbour.

"It was great to have the opportunity to work with fellow Notre Dame students in such a direct manner for the benefit of the City of Fremantle. As we spend so much time in Fremantle, to have a chance to contribute to this landmark development was very much appreciated."

Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations, at Notre Dame's Fremantle Campus, Dr Martin Drum, commended the excellent feedback from the students about the Victoria Quay redevelopment.

"It's great to see some of our talented students lend their minds to considering how their local community can be enhanced in the future," Dr Drum said.

"The Victoria Quay project is set to be one of the most significant local projects in coming years and getting young people involved in shaping it is an excellent idea."

Consultation with community group, business representatives and relative agencies will continue for the rest of the year and into 2013.

The next consultation, the Urban Design Forum, runs over two days starting Wednesday 5 December 2012 from 3pm.

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