Marketing, Advertising and PR students give first ever MAPexpo tick of approval

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Media Release

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Spring 24-10-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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The University of Notre Dame Australia's first ever MAPexpo has seen over 125 attendees walking away with industry tips, contacts and some career-changing prizes.

MAPexpo, devised by Notre Dame's Sydney School of Business, is the first of its kind for students of marketing, advertising and public relations. The aim of the conference was to provide graduands with insights from industry leaders about the realities of working in these professions and to allow them the opportunity to network with agency heads and create a professional development plan for their first few years in the workforce.

Notre Dame School of Business students Samantha Barretto and Jessica Theakstone will join communications agency DDB's shortlisted candidates for positions in their graduate program for 2013 after "pitching themselves" via a YouTube video. The students had to make a video that showcased their personality and explained why they would make a good edition to the DDB team.

Samantha Barretto said the competition was a unique way to get a foot in the door of an award-winning agency.

"The competition gave me the chance to 'brand myself' and present myself to potential employers in a unique and creative way," said Miss Barretto.

"I am so excited to have the opportunity to attend an interview with DDB, because they are an organisation that is bold in their strategies and they offer graduates the training and development essential to success in the communications industry."

The authors of the best Facebook and Twitter posts on the day were awarded with prizes from MAPexpo sponsor, Mumbrella. Bethany Regattieri, Chriss Mikhael, Izzy MacNeil and Isabella Sufferini each won a copy of the Mumbrella Media Agency Review and Mumbrella Creative Agency Review, plus a 12 month subscription to Encore magazine.

Isabella Sufferini, whose Twitter post, "Obsession has never been so stylish. Obsess with the best," said her tweet was inspired by a speaker's encouragement to be passionate about what you want in your career. She said each of the speakers provided her with an insight into the practical skills and the mindset she needed to get ahead in public relations.

"MAPexpo really showed us how to succeed in the workforce, what the communications industry is all about and what we, as students, can do to stand out from the crowd," Miss Sufferini said.

Joshua Bourne, another happy prize-winner, was the recipient of $300 worth of Mabuzi vouchers. His "Knowledge is King" t-shirt was judged the best custom-made shirt on the day.

Associate Dean of the School of Business, Phillip Cenere, said Notre Dame is constantly developing its courses to include practical learning opportunities, like MAPexpo, for its students.

"There's no substitute for 'authentic learning' or learning-by-doing," said Mr Cenere.

"While textbooks and lectures provide an important theoretical foundation for students, opportunities to engage with industry, such as expos, client-based projects and internships provide that real-world experience that you just can't get in the classroom. This ethos was the driving force behind the creation of the MAPexpo and the feedback from attendees has shown the initiative was a great success."

The Sydney School of Business plans to make the MAPexpo an annual event for students at Notre Dame and those studying at other tertiary institutions. In 2013, the event will be almost wholly student run, in order to give future communications professionals the opportunity to organize, market and coordinate a major event. For more information on the MAPexpo, visit www.mapexpo.com.au.

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