Improving Fremantle's city-centre focus for forum

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Media Release

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Spring 15-10-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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The high cost of living, terracing of the cappuccino strip, and incentives to reduce alcohol-related violence in the city-centre were just some of the issues raised at the Freo Futures Project 2012 forum held at The University of Notre Dame Australia recently.

Coordinated by The Notre Dame Labor Club and the UNDA Liberal Club, the forum was organised to promote active citizenship and political debate in the community.

The forum attracted a lively audience who were keen to share their views on how Fremantle, one of Western Australia's most historic and cherished cities, can grow into a city of the future.

Four Notre Dame students – Ronan Murphy, Matthew Tloczek, James Eggleston and Emma Bagg - presented ideas they argued would improve Fremantle's city-centre.

An expert panel, consisting of the Vice Chancellor of The University of Notre Dame Australia, Professor Celia Hammond; Mayor of the City of Fremantle, Dr Brad Pettitt; Chief Executive Officer of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, Tim Milsom, and President of the Fremantle Society, Roel Loopers, shared their thoughts on the discussion topics and interacted with the audience through a question and answer session.

A range of views on the shortage of parking in the city-centre and West End of Fremantle were expressed, as well as options relating to the development of affordable student accommodation in the community and how the needs of locals, business and visitors could be best met.

"The event was of great interest to the students and members of the community who attended," UNDA Liberal Club President Michelle Jack said.

"This forum was an excellent example of what can happen when student clubs and societies on Campus combine their efforts to focus on positive and constructive debate which could enact further discussion and change in the community."

President of the Notre Dame Labor Club, Jarrad Goold, said a great point of discussion was 'greenifying' Fremantle where appropriate plants and trees would be added to urban areas in order to 'soften' the environment.

"Affordable housing was also a strong discussion point, with increasing the density of living by building high rise on the outskirts of the city-centre proposed as residential alternatives," Mr Goold said.

Senior Lecturer in Politics, Dr Martin Drum, chaired the forum. Dr Drum said that he was proud of the efforts of the Labor and Liberal clubs on Campus, which had created a platform to air important discussion topics about the future progression of Fremantle.

"Every community should lend thought to how they could do things a bit differently, a bit better. The ideas forwarded by Notre Dame students were well received and the panellists responded very positively," Dr Drum said.

"I've no doubt that several of these ideas will be put into practice, and that the local community in Fremantle will benefit."

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