Success of The Ultimate Project sees Part 2 planned for 2013

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Media Release

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Spring 21-9-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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The University of Notre Dame Australia's Sydney Chaplaincy team is delighted, and somewhat overwhelmed, at the success of their latest youth initiative, The Ultimate Project.

The project is the first of its kind anywhere, a five-week long evening event, where one episode of Fr Robert Barron's "Catholicism Series" is displayed each week on an outdoor screen in Notre Dame's Broadway Courtyard, when temperatures dipped to a chilly 10 degrees Celsius.

Student Chaplaincy Convenor, Jessica Langrell, said on cold nights, young people may have attended for the outdoor heaters and fresh popcorn, but they returned, week after week, for the fantastic miniseries and the lively, thought-provoking discussion that followed each screening about what it means to be truly Catholic.

"The 'Catholicism Series' has already proven to be an international success," Miss Langrell said.

"We knew it was going to take a bit of effort to bring people out on a cold night, but as soon as the series got going and people saw the incredible DVD and were able to enjoy the atmosphere only the Notre Dame courtyard can provide, the number of attendees just kept growing," Miss Langrell said.

Each week saw between 80 and 90 students and young professionals attend The Ultimate Project, with the final screening attracting over 100 people.

"The steady turnout and the fantastic feedback we had after that final night have given the Chaplaincy team a good reason to plan the next season of The Ultimate Project, which we will kick off in the second half of 2013," Ms Langrell said.

Individuals interested in taking part in the 2013 series of The Ultimate Project or any other Sydney Chaplaincy initiative can contact Jessica Langrell at jessica.langrell@nd.edu.au.

For further information please contact: Communications Officer, Elizabeth Fenech The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus

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