Greater understanding of Australian politics focus for new book

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Media Release

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Winter 17-8-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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A closer examination of federalism, the legitimacy of government and freedom of speech in the media can develop a greater understanding of Australian politics at a Commonwealth level.

These are some of the central issues considered in a new textbook titled; 'Politics in Australia: Assessing the Evidence', co-authored by Dr Martin Drum, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations on The University of Notre Dame Australia's Fremantle Campus.

The latest addition to Dr Drum's growing list of scholarly publications is the result of a collaboration with Dr John William Tate, Senior Lecturer in Politics at The University of Newcastle Australia, New South Wales.

The textbook, which is now available to politics and international relations students nationally, was launched by Peter Kennedy, one of Western Australia's most respected political journalists, on Friday 10 August 2012. Mr Kennedy is also an Adjunct Professor in Communications and Media on the University's Fremantle Campus.

Fremantle Mayor, Dr Brad Pettitt, attended the launch along with a number of Western Australian parliamentarians, Notre Dame staff and Dr Drum's friends and family.

Politics in Australia – Assessing the Evidence takes a historical and conceptual approach to examining issues, such as democracy and liberalism in the Australian political system throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The Assessing the Evidence series was first pitched to publishers Palgrave MacMillan in 2011 by Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences in Fremantle, Associate Professor Deborah Gare, as one which focussed on the evidence for key political and cultural issues in Australia.

Dr Drum says the book will serve as a valuable tool to provide readers of all ages with a broader understanding of the roles and functions of the Australian political system.

"It is important for students studying political science to understand that politics is nothing more or less than a contest of different ideas about how our society should be run," Dr Drum said.

"The book helps to put our political system into context and explains many of the basic principles which underpin our political institutions and processes."

Dean of the School of Arts and Science in Fremantle, Associate Professor Dylan Korczynskyj, congratulated Dr Drum on his "phenomenal effort" in writing the book. Associate Professor Korczynskyj believes the book provides a refreshing insight into Australian politics.

"The launch of this new book is a celebration for Dr Drum and the School of Arts and Sciences, and is a fantastic contribution to the study of Australian politics," Associate Professor Korczynskyj said.

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