Fr Aidan Nichols discusses latest work, Chalice of God

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Media Release

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Winter 13-7-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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The University of Notre Dame Australia has had the pleasure of welcoming to its Sydney Campus the eminent theologian and academic, Fr Aidan Nichols OP, to discuss his latest book, Chalice of God.

In a presentation to an audience of staff, students, and interested friends of the University, Fr Nichols outlined the intent of the publication, which was launched at Theology on Tap on Monday night. Fr Nichols described the book as his "message for the Church, and for the practice of theology."

In Chalice of God, Fr Nichols seeks to provide a new systematic theology which captures the aesthetic aspects of theology in a way that the 'manualist' texts that he studied as a student did not. Nichols seeks to "marry theology to spirituality", and in so doing, develop a theological system which is not only rational, but also imaginatively appealing. Fr Nichols said he hopes Chalice of God attracts minds and hearts to theology in such a way as to elicit what Cardinal Newman called "real assent", a knowledge that is grounded in actual experience, rather than theoretical understanding of abstract ideas.

Fr Aidan Nichols graduated from Christ Church, Oxford, with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern History (First Class honours) in 1970 and entered the Dominican Order in the same year. He spent the next seven years at Blackfriars, Oxford and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1976. Fr Nichols was Catholic Chaplain at the University of Edinburgh, the university at which he completed his PhD 1986 on the topic, 'The Ecclesiology of N.N. Afanas'ev. Patristic ressourcement and ecumenical prospect in the Russian tradition.' He has since been Prior of St Michael's Church, Cambridge and a lecturer for a number of universities. In 1990, the Sacrae Theologiae Licentia was conferred upon him by the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas, Rome and in 2003, he received the Sacrae Theoligae Magister from the Master of the Order of Preachers. Fr Nichols is the author of more than 40 books and 70 articles.

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