The University of Notre Dame Australia wins State employer award

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Media Release

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Fall 14-5-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, in Fremantle, was presented with a CRS Australia WA Employer Award for its outstanding commitment to providing work experience and employment opportunities for people with an injury, health condition or disability, at a ceremony held in Perth on 19 April.

Human Services Minister Senator Kim Carr attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winning employers. Notre Dame has worked with CRS Australia for over two years, and has assisted CRS Australia candidates to secure rewarding employment by providing high quality tailored work training placements in the Academic Enabling and Support Centre within the University.

Professor Keith McNaught, Director of the Academic Enabling and Support Centre at Notre Dame, said, “At the interview when we meet the candidates, we’ve had the flexibility to adapt and change plans. A refreshing part about working with CRS Australia staff is that there’s a pragmatic receptiveness and openness that makes arranging a placement much more likely to be a success for all involved.”

Of the nine candidates placed with Notre Dame, three have been employed in contracts within the University and have proven to be well matched, loyal employees. Notre Dame has continued to support all of the candidates they assist by being a positive referee during their job search activities and being contactable to offer guidance whilst these candidates find meaningful employment.

“One of the greatest highlights for us has been the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives and to give people an opportunity, when it may not otherwise be provided”, said Professor McNaught.

Dianne Fletcher, General Manager, CRS Australia, said, ‘By Notre Dame going above and beyond to provide training and job opportunities for people with disability, many lives have been changed.

These job seekers achieve independence, increased confidence and satisfaction, financial benefits and opportunities to learn, while Notre Dame has gained hardworking, effective employees.

“I congratulate Professor Keith McNaught and the Notre Dame University team for helping our job seekers to achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and contribute to their community,” said Ms Fletcher.

CRS Australia’s WA Employer Awards recognise those employers who have shown a strong commitment to providing training and employment opportunities for people with a disability, injury or health condition.

CRS Australia helps over 50,000 job seekers towards meaningful employment each year. CRS Australia believes a job is more than just employment: it provides hope, belonging, confidence and independence for individuals and valuable staff for employers.

CRS Australia is a part of the Australian Government Department of Human Services. It provides disability employment and assessment services to people with a disability, injury or health condition and recruitment, injury prevention and injury management services to employers.

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