Nursing students celebrate their vocation with Blessing of the Hands

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Media Release

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Fall 16-3-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus, has welcomed its new Nursing students with the annual Blessing of the Hands ceremony.

Notre Dame Chaplain, Fr Lam Vu, and Assistant Chaplain, Fr John Neill, blessed the hands of each student individually. Fr Lam prayed that the future nurses would be filled with the Holy Spirit as they carried out their vocation with a love for God and for their fellow man.

The Nursing students took an oath that affirmed their commitment to undertake Jesus’ ministry by extending their hands to all who seek relief from suffering.

Dr Tracey Thornley, Dean of the Sydney School of Nursing, said the Blessing of the Hands is a celebration of the healing profession.

“Our hands are an integral part of the care of our patients,” Dr Thornley said.

“It’s the hands that feel for the pulse or provide reassurance for the patient who is scared. It’s the hands we hold at the beginning and at the end of life – they are integral to our craft and tonight we celebrate our hands and our role as nurses.”
Dr Thornley urged the Nursing students to look to look to famous nurses such as Florence Nightingale and Vivian Bullwinkle for an insight into what it means to practice one’s craft with integrity and dedication.

“Learn from our founders, stand up for what you believe, have courage and determination and celebrate the difference you make in another person’s life,” Dr Thornley said.

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