Cardinal Pell blesses Notre Dame's future doctors

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Media Release

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Fall 16-3-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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His Eminence Cardinal George Pell has welcomed new students to the University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney School of Medicine at the annual Blessing of the Hands ceremony.

His Eminence celebrated the liturgy at Sacred Heart Church at Darlinghurst. In attendance were the new Medicine students, their families and friends, Notre Dame staff and governors and members of the medical profession.
Cardinal Pell blessed the hands of each student individually, praying that they would bring healing to all the people they served.

During his Homily, Cardinal Pell said students would soon carry out God’s work if they let themselves be guided by Him.

“A pen doesn’t know what it’s going to write, an artist’s brush doesn’t know what it’s going to paint,” Cardinal Pell said.

“In the same way, God takes someone into his hands in order to begin his work, and that person doesn’t know what he or she will have to do. He or she is an instrument that moves in the hands of God, he shapes you and makes you more sacred through the task you must carry out.”
Professor Christine Bennett, Dean of the Sydney School of Medicine, said the Blessing of the Hands was an important tradition.

“Our hands are indeed a very important part of who we are and how we express ourselves,” Professor Bennett said.

“We gesture, we applaud, hold our babies, we touch our loved ones, we play beautiful music and we create great art. As doctors, your hands are an important healing tool for your profession. With them you will palpate, percuss and take a pulse; stitch, suture, prescribe. You will also use them to comfort, ease pain and connect with patients,” Professor Bennet said.

“This ceremony will add to your preparation, personally and spiritually, for your journey to becoming a doctor.”

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