Notre Dame student's theatrical success

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Media Release

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Fall 16-3-2012

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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Vivian Tselios, a third year Theatre Studies/Screen Production student at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus, has been commended for her direction of the play Clothes Maketh the Man at the annual Short+Sweet Festival.

The play was accepted by the festival judges into the Wildcard Finals with 10 other productions and won the People's Choice award by a landslide. The judges awarded the play Wildcard Runner Up – the production missed out on first place by just one point.

Ms Tselios cast fellow Notre Dame student, actor William Maitland, in the monologue by Victorian writer Tim Hehir.

"The script was one of many sent to me through Short+Sweet," Ms Tselios said.

"After reading countless scripts, it was the one that stuck in my mind. I thought if it resonated with me, it might resonate with audiences, too. My feeling paid off and we received the People's Choice vote and the Judges Choice vote for our heat."

Short+Sweet is the world's largest festival of 10 minute plays, with 180 new plays staged in Sydney in 2012. The festival sees over 300 writers and directors at all stages of their careers produce short plays for audiences at theatres across Sydney. Short+Sweet begins with an annual call for submissions from playwrights across the globe. Scripts are then shortlisted and the best works sent to directors who have registered their interest in entering.

Ms Tselios and Mr Maitland are now rehearsing to perform Clothes Maketh the Man at the Short+Sweet Gala Finals at the end of the month.

Ms Tselios said she hoped the unusual subject matter of the play would intrigue audiences and judges alike in the next round.

"The play is about a man who believes that his clothes are talking to him and explores the impact that this has on his life. The 'talking clothes' are a reflection of his mental and emotional state," Ms Tselios said.

This production is Vivian Tselios' first in a public domain and she says the experience has been extremely satisfying.

"I'm very proud that a play I've directed has been well-received by theatregoers," Ms Tselios said.

"Of course, Will has been integral to its success and I'm very lucky to have been able to direct such a talented actor."

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