The Fremantle School of Law Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

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Media Release

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Spring 23-11-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Law alumni, current and past staff, donors and many members of Perth’s legal community gathered at The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle recently to celebrate the School of Law’s 10 year anniversary.

The School was originally opened in 1997 and since then has proved to be one of the fastest growing law schools in the country, receiving enormous support from the local legal profession.

The celebration started with food and drinks, before addresses were given by the Chair of the School’s Advisory Board, The Hon Justice Robert Mazza, past student, Andrew Baker and the Executive Dean of Law, Professor Michael Gillooly.

Professor Gillooly said, “Judged by any criteria, the Law School has been an outstanding success – it has continually punched above its weight, and carved for itself a distinctive niche amongst Australian law faculties.

“The gathering underlines the magnificent support the Law School has always received from both the legal profession and the broader community,” said Professor Gillooly.

Judge Robert Mazza said the School’s heart and reason for being here is its foundation ethos, ‘to love one’s neighbour.’

“The purpose of the Law School is to produce skilled and practical lawyers, able to cope with a changing world, and steeped in the idea of ethical service not simply for profit, but for the betterment of others.

“Without this idea this Law School would be like every other and, frankly, there would have been little point in establishing it, but the fact we stand for an idea makes this Law School the exciting and worthwhile place that it is now and has been over the last 10 years,” said Justice Mazza.

Special awards were given to foundation staff members, Bruce Bott and Professor Mary McComish, for their significant contribution to the school over the past decade.

23 November 2007
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