Sydney Campus to launch student leadership program

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Media Release

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Spring 5-11-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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The Sydney Campus will launch the Newman Program for student leaders from the beginning of 2008. The aim of the program is to engage senior university students who have the potential to become future leaders of commerce, civic life, education, the arts and industry in our society and immerse these students in a program that will nurture their spiritual, social and civic awareness.

The program draws its name and inspiration from Englishman John Henry Cardinal Newman’s writings on the ‘Idea of a University’.

Students will be assigned a mentor who is a leader in their own professional and/or spiritual community. Students and mentors will meet regularly to discuss their progress at university, to set future goals and to engage in mature discussions about current issues. Guest speakers, culturally broadening experiences, retreats and engagement in university activities also form part of the program.

Sydney Campus Minister, Anthony Crook, conceived the idea to enable students to expand their horizons. “It is important that we allow students the opportunity to develop their sense of self, their leadership skills and view of the world in tandem with their academic endeavours. We hope that it will enable them to grow into leaders in their professional communities who are respected for their unique gifts beyond their academic achievement,” he said.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mr Peter Glasson added, “This program fits harmoniously within our mission as a Catholic university. The promotion of educational experiences beyond the academic is something we are constantly working towards, through our comprehensive admissions system and other programs within the University.”

Mr Crook confirmed that the application process was underway and that a cohort of approximately 10 students would be selected early in 2008. “We hope the program grows with the support of the University community and the professions it seeks to prepare leaders for,” he said.

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