International Teachers' Day celebrated on Broome Campus

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Media Release

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Spring 2-11-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome

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A ceremony entitled, Sowing the Seeds for a Better World, was celebrated for the first time on the Broome Campus to mark International Teachers’ Day.

International Teachers’ Day was celebrated on October 26 and is recognised in more than 100 countries. The day allows people to reflect on the important role teachers play in the community.

The date of the Broome Campus gathering was chosen to coincide with the Vocational Education and Training students study block. The VET students regularly travel to Broome from around the Kimberley and stay in the hostel accommodation on site during their study period. They joined Bachelor of Education students, and Broome Campus staff for the International Teachers’ Day celebration.

Campus Minister Sr Jill O’Brien sgs led the ceremony and encouraged students to understand the role of the teacher. “Teachers often see very little for their patient day by day working. Yours is a task of patience and gentle nurturing,” she said. “Education is a noble profession that forms minds.”

Students were invited to place seeds of incense on burning coals before all prayed that the seeds of their work as educators would flourish and rise like incense to God.

Assistant Dean of Education, Broome, Amanda McCubbin, then outlined the history and importance of International Teachers’ Day.

At the culmination of the ceremony a morning tea was held in the Campus under croft where students and staff reflected on the important role teachers play in our lives.

Broome Campus students have experienced the importance of teaching this year. Those enrolled in the Bachelor of Education course have travelled to remote communities in Ringer Soak, Balgo, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra as part of their placements.

The Sowing the Seeds for a Better World celebration will now become an annual event on the Broome Campus calendar.

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