High Standards in Education at Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Spring 15-10-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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As a result of collaboration between Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus’ School of Education and School of Arts and Sciences, the University will offer Western Australian student teachers the opportunity to undertake new fully integrated very strong discipline-based combined degrees. The degrees will be a combined, Bachelor of Arts / Diploma of Education (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Science / Diploma of Education (Secondary) offered over four years.

This new initiative is in direct response to the recent Senate Inquiry into Academic Standards of School Education. It will provide the highest standards of academic preparation in discipline specific areas with humanities students able to take a double major in two areas of interest and science students able to take a major and two specialisations.

In addition students will be offered double the normal amount of practicum time in schools normally afforded to Diploma of Education students. In total these students will receive 22 weeks of practicum experience. The courses have attracted strong federal government endorsement through additional Commonwealth Supported Places.

“The degrees embody the innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and pursuit of excellence consistently attributed to a Notre Dame education,” said Professor Michael O’Neill, Executive Dean College of Education.

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