Learning made fun for Beaconsfield Primary Students

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Media Release

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Spring 20-9-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Education students from The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle are getting essential hands-on teaching experience by ‘playing cards’ with children from Beaconsfield Primary.

As part of an assessment for their maths specialty unit, 33 students are heading out to the school once a week for three weeks to teach the children the rules of the game Numero – an internationally acclaimed maths card game, specifically designed to encourage and develop maths skills.

The students have been split up into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions teach years two to four children. The afternoon sessions involve students giving instructions on the game to the Intensive Language Class (ILC) – where most students are refugees from Sudan.

Associate Professor, Dr Keith McNaught, said teaching the card game to young children is a great learning experience for the students.

“I think everyone will really benefit from this exercise. It is a great way of learning maths while having fun and will be a fantastic resource for our students to have.

“Working with the children from the ILC, who have very little English speaking skills, also offers a different dimension to the whole teaching process of the game,” said Dr McNaught.

The School of Education have gained sponsorship for each child in the ILC to receive their own pack of Numero cards to take home.

“This will help the children with their maths and English skills and as a lot of them don’t have many toys, it will give them something to play with at home,” said Dr McNaught.

Beaconsfield principal, Ms Karen Webster, said the student’s visits were part of a bigger partnership with Notre Dame in the maths learning area and was excited they could further their relationship with the University through the Numeroprogram.