Film Students Make Documentary on Iconic WA Ship

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Media Release

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Winter 30-8-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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After weeks of sailing, seasickness and filming aboard the iconic Western Australian ship, the Leeuwin, film students from The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle have completed two documentaries - one to be shown worldwide.

The students, Dorian Gray and Fayann D’souza, initially wanted to do an artistic narrative of the sailing ship experience for their digital documentary unit.

The Leeuwin organisation hosts voyages aimed at giving young people the opportunity to experience adventure, gain personal development and a sense of community while working on the boat.

Leaders in the organisation were interested in the idea and invited the students on the ship for two weeks over summer to film their documentary and to create a promotional video of the sailing boat.

Fayann said it was an amazing experience living and filming on the boat for those two weeks and was definitely something she would do again.

“Our two weeks on the boat were fantastic; the challenges presented by the ocean are as much a joy as they are frightful. Both as a filmmaker and a person I’ve gained an enhanced vision into how our world really is.

“The crew were also very supportive of the filming, and at the same time expected us to be part of the team as much as anyone else. This made me realise more about the Leeuwin organisation, who they help and what their aims are – it shaped my ideas for the documentary,” said Fayann.

After eight months of producing and editing, the students completed both versions of the documentary, the first one being a shorter promotional film for the Leeuwin organisation and the second a 15 minute narrative of the emotional aspects of being aboard the ship.

Dorian said that both documentaries have been a success and the promotional film they made will be shown worldwide to promote the ship.