Notre Dame wins inaugural Catholic students' debate

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Media Release

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Winter 26-7-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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Students from Notre Dame’s School of Law in Sydney were triumphant over Campion College in a debate held last week at Campion’s Old Toongabbie campus. The Notre Dame students argued for the affirmative of the topic, ‘That the Catholic Faith belongs in the Public Square.’

The debate was hotly contested but there was a great spirit of togetherness amongst the participants from two of Sydney’s Catholic higher education providers. Notre Dame team captain, second-year law student Margaretta Doran said, “We all study the Catholic faith at university and this has been a great opportunity to put some of our knowledge to the test. We are very grateful to Campion College for hosting us on this occasion and hope it will be the first of many such opportunities to debate current topics of relevance to the Catholic Church.”

Assistant Dean of Law at Notre Dame, Ms Nana Howard added, “The debate was a wonderful opportunity for students of our two institutions to meet in a spirit of friendly competition. There was a lot of camaraderie between the students and everyone had a great time – staff included! We look forward to participating in debates and other joint events with Campion College in the future.”