Plastinated human bodies for Notre Dame's Sydney Medical School

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Media Release

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Winter 16-7-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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Prominent doctor and philanthropist, Dr Jerry Schwartz has donated $250,000 to the School of Medicine, Sydney to establish the Schwartz Foundation Anatomy Museum and Clinical Skills Laboratory.

The Museum will house a large collection of anatomical models and plasticised body parts to aid in the teaching of anatomy and physiology to medical students.

Dean of the School of Medicine, Sydney, Professor Julie Quinlivan was delighted to receive support from a member of the Sydney medical community. “The medical course is very strong on anatomy and pathology training with more hours devoted to these key disciplines than any other Australian medical school. The museum will be a valuable resource for teaching. The School intends to have plastinated human bodies available for teaching and viewing,” she said.

Dr Schwartz was equally enthusiastic about the opportunities to be involved in Sydney’s newest medical school. Dr. Schwartz said: "I am thrilled to be involved at this initial stage with such a dynamic medical school. Being a cosmetic surgeon, I know that there is a great need for a good basic anatomical knowledge, and my involvement with the anatomy faculty will assist in the development of trainee doctors.”

“Victoria Street, where the new medical campus is situated has a lot of nostalgia for me. My father had his dental surgery in this street for many, many years; and likewise one of his hotels was on this street."

The School of Medicine, Sydney will commence a four-year graduate entry medical degree at its Darlinghurst Campus from January 2008, subject to Australian Medical Council accreditation.