Men's health focus at Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Winter 18-6-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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The June meeting of the Notre Dame Primary Health Research unit was held at the School of Medicine, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle, to coincide with International Men’s Health Week.

The theme of the meeting was Men’s Health in Primary Care. The Notre Dame research meetings are part of a federal government funded strategy to build and support research capacity in primary care. While meetings are generally attended by general practitioners, practice nurses and other allied health professionals, this special meeting was open to the public and attracted a large gathering of interested community members.

The meeting was introduced by Professor Mark McKenna, Executive Dean of the School of Medicine and featured presentations by Associate Professor Tom Brett, Director, Notre Dame Primary Health care research unit and Dr Bob Moorhead (Research advisor) on supporting clinical research practices while Dr Diane Arnold-Reed (Program Co-ordinator) and Dr Toby Bell (Mount Pleasant GP and research fellow) presented a talk on chlamydia prevalence in young men.

Greenwood GP, Dr Frances Cadden, outlined the progress on the Fremantle Primary Prevention Study – a pilot study on risk factor modifications for cardiovascular disease. Dr Michael Eaton (Clifton Park GP and research fellow) gave a talk on knowledge and attitudes to prostate cancer among older men attending five Western Australian practices.

The meeting also featured the launch of a special educational DVD on prostate cancer. The DVD - ‘Prostate cancer in general practice - an educational DVD for general practitioners and their patients’ - was written by Tom Brett and narrated by Peter Holland. It features basic information on the location and function of the prostate gland, how early detection tests are used to evaluate for prostate cancer and the counselling and advice that is such a vital part of the assessment process. The DVD also outlines treatment options available once a diagnosis is made. The DVD was well received and generated some lively discussion among the audience.

A highlight of the night was the interaction between community members and the primary care researchers. Comments included their desire to support active health research at the primary care level, feeling enlightened by the experience, vowing to look afresh at their own health and lifestyle and feedback on support for critical reflection by general practitioners on primary prevention of common killer diseases such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.

It is hoped to involve more community members in the Notre Dame Health Care Research meetings in the future.

For more information on the primary care research unit at Notre Dame or to obtain a copy of the DVD please contact Dr Diane Arnold-Reed at the Primary Care Research Unit, Notre Dame School of Medicine - 9433 0230.