Act of Philanthropy by WA Family Benefits Notre Dame Medicine Students

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Media Release

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Fall 15-5-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Five medicine students from The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle have been awarded yearly scholarships thanks to the generosity of Perth business man, Mr Ronald Woss and his wife Brigid Woss.

The Scholarships named, ‘The Woss Family Scholarship in Medicine,’ are designed to assist and encourage meritorious mature age students for whom educational opportunities are limited due to financial and personal circumstances.

The five students, Danni Rebbettes, Andrea Mason, Shanela Sooben, Rebecca Watt and Sarah Matthews, had to demonstrate drive and commitment to achieve academically.

Rebecca Watt said she was extremely grateful to the Woss family for giving her and the other four students a helping hand.

“I am just amazed and really touched that there’s someone out there who understands the difficulties of studying medicine generally, let alone with exceptional circumstances. It is such a generous act of kindness from the Woss family. It will really make a difference to my situation and I am so very grateful,” said Ms Watt.

The Woss family plan to also fund further scholarships in 2008. It is the first privately funded scholarship award for medicine students at Notre Dame.