Re-building a war-torn Afghanistan - the focus for Canadian Ambassadors' lecture at Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Fall 3-3-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus

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Canada’s role in re-building a war torn Afghanistan after decades of conflict was the focus for the Canadian Ambassador of Afghanistan’s only public lecture during his visit to Australia.

Hosted by the School of Arts and Sciences at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney Campus, Ambassador William Crosbie’s talk focused on the UN-mandated, NATO-led mission to bring peace and refuge to the people of Afghanistan.

Over 40 people attended the lecture, including representatives from the Support Association for the Women of Aghanistan (SAWA) and seven Afghanistan students from Holroyd High School.

Ambassador Crosbie discussed how the Australian and Canadian governments have collaborated in restoring the Nation through a focus on security, peace and humanitarian aid and talked about the daily issues faced by Western countries providing aid to an Islamic state.

“Canada, Australia and 42 other foreign nations are supporting the Afghanistan people in their efforts to re-build their country. Work is being done to educate civilians from all areas of society so they can build lasting stability.

“Canada has over 100 projects in the country; we are supporting the Afghan army with proper training, developing programs for safe border crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan, training teachers, educating police and building more than 50 schools across the Kandahar region.

“Ultimately success depends on the Afghans and what they are prepared to do to unify a nation and stop the political insurgence. They want to have the future that we are helping them to create,” said Ambassador Crosbie.

International Relations lecturer, Dr John Rees, said this event was a significant opportunity for students and the public to hear first-hand the work that is being done to help a country torn apart by war.

“Canada and Australia are important middle powers in world politics playing an often unique role in facilitating peace and security in areas of conflict. This was a great chance to hear about what kind of progress is actually being made in Afghanistan from someone with real authority and experience.”

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