Notre Dame and Fremantle Hospital launch significant partnership

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Media Release

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Fall 7-5-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle’s School of Nursing and Fremantle Hospital have formed a significant partnership by creating a new graduate program together.

The partnership sees the School of Nursing and Fremantle Health Services conjointly providing the opportunity for registered nurses to study a Graduate Diploma in preoperative nursing.

This is a new collaborative initiative and the one-year course is aimed at enabling participants to develop knowledge and consolidate skills to function as specialists within their own sphere of preoperative nursing.

A launch was held recently at Fremantle Hospital where key speakers; including Dean of the School of Nursing, Professor Selma Alliex; Mayor of Fremantle, Peter Tagliaferri and Preoperative course coordinator for the Hospital, Vicky Jackson, talked to students and members of the Fremantle Hospital community about the new program.

Professor Alliex said this partnership was another way both organisations could benefit the Fremantle and Nursing communities.

“Through the commencement of this course we have consolidated the strategy to firm up our relationship with our original partners in Fremantle Hospital and the other organisations that have collaborated in this venture.

“It is a great stride in the direction of giving nurses a qualification at the end of undertaking a specialist program that could lead to further education right up to a doctoral program,” said Professor Alliex.

The course started this semester and comprises five units; pathophysiological processes related to therapeutic action, clinical practice, professional development, reflective practice and management.