Inspirational school visit

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Media Release

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Fall 4-5-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome

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The University of Notre Dame Australia Broome Campus education student Renee Howard accompanied lecturer Panda Gardner recently on a trip to the Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Catholic School.

The school at Ringer Soak, near Halls Creek, gave Renee Howard an insight into life in a remote community school. Simply getting there proved an adventure with the pair having to make several river crossings on the journey.

Ms Howard and Ms Gardner archived photos and paintings for the school and also digitally recorded the trip.

“It was an awesome experience,” Renee said. “Going to one of the communities showed me the potential and opportunities communities like that have. I was really impressed.”

Ms Howard said there were a lot of cultural activities incorporated into the curriculum.

“The kids there were great,” she said.

“I’d love to go and teach out there because of what you could do. The classrooms are a good size and obviously with the bush and fishing holes around you could incorporate that into the teaching too. You could do some good things,” she said.

“It really inspired me.”