Notre Dame Sydney Law Students meet Pope Benedict

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Media Release

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Fall 17-4-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney

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Two Law students from Notre Dame’s Sydney Campus had the honour of meeting His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI in St Peter’s Square.

Patrick Langrell and Joseph Watson met with His Holiness and briefly discussed his intended visit to Australia for World Youth Day 2008. Patrick said, “His Holiness seemed very excited about his visit and the program for WYD2008.”

Patrick and Joseph were part of a university student encounter, organised by the Instituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU).

Every year several thousand university students spend Holy Week in Rome and thus have the opportunity to come to know the cultural, historical, and spiritual richness of the city.

Throughout the week cultural encounters are organised, congresses, conferences, exhibitions and concerts, which offer participants the opportunity to deepen certain themes related to university life, with particular attention being given to a spirit of service towards the poor.

Since 1968, tens of thousands of university students and professors have been able to extend their cultural horizons within the universal climate of the centre of Christianity, thanks in a special way to audiences granted by Paul VI, John Paul II and now Benedict XVI.