The arts enliven teaching of movement for Notre Dame students

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Media Release

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Fall 19-3-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Health and Physical Education students from The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle are learning the importance of music and drama in a child’s development, through their class - Movement and the Arts.

Once a week for six weeks, second year students have been observing experienced music and drama teacher, Joan Pope, take a class of pre-primary students from Lance Holt Primary School, Fremantle.

In each class Ms Pope combines aspects of drama, dance and music and teaches the children about appreciating art and how it influences everyday life.

Students are required to observe how the children listened, responded and physically used the space around their bodies and in the room when given different movement activities.

“I really aim to keep the class informal and not regimented. It shows that a teacher can, and must be able to change tack depending on the children’s responses. The class itself is lively, energetic and quite fast moving.

“I don’t expect the students to teach like me, but rather have the opportunity to realise that there are many and varied ways of teaching movement education,” said Ms Pope.

These observation classes are part of the Physical Performance Laboratory 3 which aims to teach students activities appropriate for teaching primary and lower secondary school children. Other parts of the unit include Modified Sports andFolk and Social Dance.