Notre Dame staff and students march to a new year

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Media Release

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Fall 8-3-2007

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Once again staff and new students from The University of Notre Dame Australia brought the streets of Fremantle to a stand still as they welcomed in the 2007 academic year.

Since 2002 it has been an annual tradition to mark formally the commencement of academic life for the University community with a parade. It is an opportunity to celebrate Notre Dame’s identity as an integral part of Fremantle’s unique, multicultural and vibrant community.

This year the exciting WASAMBA drumming company enthusiastically lead the colourful ceremony of students and staff; with academics in regalia, medical students in surgical gear and many more whistles and horns adding to its liveliness - despite the 42 degree heat!

Over 400 participants gathered at Notre Dame for an official welcome from Vice Chancellor, Peter Tannock, followed by a blessing from St Patrick’s Parish Priest, Father John Sherman. 2007 Student Association President, James Scannell, also addressed the students.

The parade then headed from Mouat Street along the Esplanade, up Essex Street then along the cappuccino strip, entertaining the coffee drinkers, and then down High Street to arrive back at Notre Dame.

Student Life Officer, Betty Apps, said it was great to have such a large enthusiastic crowd celebrate the new academic year.

“It was a fun night which joined the University as an institution with the local community and students with staff. For the international students on campus it was a great introduction to the friendly and relaxed aspects of Australian culture,” said Ms Apps.