Notre Dame Student Association Elections

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Media Release

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Summer 11-12-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus has just announced the elected Student Association members for 2007.

New President. Ms Zara Rose Grigor, is a 3rd year Communications student. Zara said she is looking forward the challenge of representing students.

“I am so excited about being the Fremantle Student Association President for 2007. I am really grateful to my peers for giving me the opportunity to represent them, it is such an honour. I feel that the year is one full of possibilities and I am looking forward to getting started,” said Ms Grigor.

The Notre Dame Student Association on the Fremantle and Sydney Campuses are the representative body for all Notre Dame students and they comprise of various groups. Sydney’s members were elected on a school basis. They have also been appointed for 2006 as representatives for Mission, Creative Arts, Sports, Social Activities, Clubs and Societies.

Fremantle has a number of clubs for the University’s Schools including the Notre Dame Law Students Society (NDLSS),UNITAS, the newly formed Campus Ministry group, Medical Students Association of Notre Dame (MSAND) and the School of Education’s ED Society.

The new Sydney NDSA held its inaugural election in April this year with eight members being elected. They are currently working on adapting the Fremantle Student Association’s Constitution for a Sydney Campus Constitution.

Elections were held in Fremantle in October and the new members for 2007 were welcomed at a special function held in early December.

Notre Dame’s Broome Campus is also planning for elections to take place in 2007 for their Student Association.

Congratulations are extended to the 2007 Fremantle Student Association

President: Zara Rose Grigor

Vice President: Noura Huneidi

Arts & Sciences representatives: Purusha Boelling, Tim Pidhirnyj

Business representatives: Tom Clapin, Tepi Smith

Education representatives: Jayde Clark, John Keogh

Health Science representatives: Nick Irwin, April Mindin

Law representatives: Olja Jolic, Emily Keys

General Members: Cara Leavsley, Alya Sells, Jessica Stokes