Notre Dame Physio course attracts Indigenous General Exhibition Winner

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Media Release

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Summer 4-2-2010

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University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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Western Australian Curriculum Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander General Exhibition winner for 2009, Jade Walley, has been awarded a scholarship to undertake a Physiotherapy degree at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus.

Places in the physiotherapy program are highly sought after explains Head of Physiotherapy, Professor Peter Hamer.

"For every student there are at least three times that many who apply to undertake the program. Physiotherapy is one of those health professions that has wide appeal and application across the community from attending to injuries in the elite sportsperson to helping people restore function after work-related injuries, trauma, surgery, stroke and cardiovascular disease to name just a few areas. The knowledge and skills of the physiotherapist are well used across the lifespan from paediatrics to aged-care and ideally across all aspects of our community.

“The physiotherapy program at Notre Dame is keen to support the drive for more Indigenous physiotherapists and to equip our physiotherapy graduates with the appropriate skills, knowledge and support so as to meet the needs of Indigenous people.

“We are delighted to welcome Jade who by her own admission got interested in being a physiotherapist having had treatment for her own injuries as a skilled cricketer. Perhaps Jade will also be a worthy member of the Notre Dame cricket team?”

Jade, a graduate of St Mark’s Anglican Community School, said that she felt excited and privileged to be coming to Notre Dame.

“It was quite overwhelming when I found out I was receiving the scholarship especially as gaining a place in the physiotherapy course was very competitive.

“I had sacrificed a lot over Year 12 and my parents were proud that I had been rewarded for my efforts.

“I chose physiotherapy because injuries I had sustained from snowboarding and playing cricket led me to a physiotherapist. His knowledge and understanding of how my injuries were caused and the treatment of them really encouraged me to think about going with this as a career.

“I was also inspired by a book about two Australian Physiotherapists working with the disabled in Nepal so I would love the opportunity to be able to work in crises situations around the world as a physio.”

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