Health Science Symposium

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Media Release

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Summer 20-12-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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The School of Health Sciences at The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle, hosted a research symposium recently for health science academic staff to present their findings.

Different topics included research on; enhancing physical activity in children, alcohol behaviour change, physical activity levels in outdoor education and HIV in Africa.

Associate Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Professor Beth Hands presented her research topic Play5, a trial research which encourages children to engage in physical activity.

Professor Hands said the symposium gave staff the opportunity to show colleagues their research and gain feedback on the methods and results used.

“The Health Sciences research symposium was first held last year. It was conceived as an opportunity for the very busy staff to hear about each other’s work with the view to developing partnerships, germinating new ideas for research and practising conference presentations,” said Professor Hands.

Symposium coordinator and Health and Physical education lecturer, Dr Hugh Pinnington, said he was very pleased with the response to the symposium and the interesting fields of research that were presented.

“We had such a broad spectrum of research at the symposium which was great to see. There was a number of collaborative research efforts with other WA universities presented and we had an international speaker from France, Dominique Virgie, talk about his research on HIV in Rwanda.

“Through these symposiums we are hoping to stimulate a research culture within the School of Health Sciences and throughout the University. Next year I can see the event being even bigger,” said Dr Pinnington.