Notre Dame Student en route to Winter Olympics

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Media Release

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Spring 6-11-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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A Health and Physical Education student from The University of Notre Dame Australia has been selected for the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) skeleton squad.

Ms Lucy Chaffer will be heading to Calgary ( Canada) along with five other girls to train for the winter sport - described as “headfirst bobsledding”. If selected for the official Australian skeleton team Ms Chaffer will progress to a series of World Cup events around the world and hopes to be selected for the next Winter Olympics.

Surf lifesaving supplied the majority of the athletes who have been selected for the squad, including Ms Chaffer who is an accomplished beach sprinter and surf lifesaver.

“For some reason they’ve found that beach sprinters are good at skeleton racing, I think it’s because you have to run fast on a difficult surface. But I’ve only ever skied once so it could be interesting,” said Ms Chaffer.

Ms Chaffer has had some training at the AIS in Canberra for skeleton racing during the selection trials. She was taught how to actually push and drive a sled and the dynamics of the sport.

“In a skeleton race there is just you and a sled, you push the sled along for about 20 metres getting as much speed as you can then jump on head first and travel down the bobsled track.

“Even though I am literally diving head first into the unknown I am very excited. It’s a unique opportunity that I can not wait to experience,” said Ms Chaffer.