Ecumenical focus for new Ministry Group

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Media Release

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Spring 12-11-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Students at The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle have formed a new campus ministry group aimed at making a positive contribution to the University community by helping students live and celebrate their particular faith.

UNITAS (Latin for unity) was formed with the support of the Chaplain and Campus Minister with the idea of supporting the values shared by the University itself and to find out what that means for all students.

Publicity chair of the new group, Ms Fayann D’Souza, said, “In all our actions in relation to UNITAS, we seek to learn, act and celebrate – learning through bible study, faith sharing and the campus; acting out our faith through service based activities and social justice advocacy.

“Besides aiming for all of the above, we consider having a good time and enjoying life a priority. We look forward to building strong and lasting friendships and being there for one another through the camaraderie of studying at Notre Dame,” said Ms D’Souza.

UNITAS president Mr Marc Dantoc emphasised that the group is for everyone no matter what their religious disposition may be.

Our objectives do not seek to convert anyone to any one faith. UNITAS exists for the service of others, to act as a hand and guide, for those looking for answers to the types of questions young people are challenged with,” said Mr Dantoc.