Notre Dame film students make a movie in Mosman Park

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Media Release

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Spring 16-10-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Film students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s, Fremantle Campus have been filming a movie called ‘Video Zone’, at a video store in Mosman Park.

Each year, final year film students are required to prepare a script, production manage, shoot, edit and screen a complete digital drama. The students only have 13 weeks to complete the entire production process and are required to raise all the money to fund the film.

This year the owners of the Mosman Park Video Store, Ms Moira Goldney and Mr Richard Skead, allowed students exclusive access to the store before and after business hours.

“The film is being entirely shot on location at the video store. We have been filming from the time the store closes until the early hours of the morning,” said film student Ms Gemma May.

“The store owners and local community have been an invaluable asset to our crew, supporting us not only through their kind donations, but also through their endless patience,” said Ms May.

The aim of the task is to combine all the techniques which they are taught over their three year course. The film will be completed by the end of the semester, at which point a screening will be held at Notre Dame.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to present our work to the public, and even more excited to have the chance to thank all the people and local businesses that have been assisting us,” said Ms May.