Over a decade of commitment by Notre Dame volunteers

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Media Release

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Summer 6-12-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle honoured its Library volunteers with a special Christmas lunch recently to thank them for all their dedicated commitment and hard work they have contributed since 1989.

Over 20 volunteers help out every week in the University’s Library, St Teresa’s, re-shelving and searching for lost books, repairing damaged items and re-organising the collection.

Director of the Library, Stephen McVey, said in many cases they have been diligently attending to these tasks for over a decade.

“We are very fortunate to have had a dedicated group of volunteers who have supported the development of the Library since the inception of the University.

“They have always been and will remain a vital part of the Library and University’s mission and culture,” said Mr McVey.

Ms Mary Hogan was one of the original volunteers who started at the University’s merchandise shop in 1991. She then moved onto helping out at the Library, when a large collection of books from St Teresa’s College in America was purchased for the University.

“We all love volunteering at Notre Dame. Honestly we would be lost without it. It has been marvellous watching the Library and the University grow so much over the last 15 years,” said Ms Hogan.

Another long time volunteer, Mrs Hilary Early started in 1989, two years before the first cohort of students commenced. She recalls sorting out books in the Bateman Marine Supplies building, now the beautiful University chapel, when the roof was leaky and there was no electricity in the building.

“I helped set up the medical library last year and it was amazing seeing the difference from when I started sorting out books for the University in a room full of puddles. It’s been an interesting experience, seeing the University grow so much,” said Mrs Early.