Internationally Renowned Speakers on Campus

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Media Release

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Spring 3-10-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broome Campus hosted two internationally renowned speakers on September 6 and 7.

More than 60 people attended the lectures by Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation’s Raelene Councillor and Father Frank Brennan SJ in the campus library.

Raelene Councillor began the conversation on September 6 when she presented her talk on reconciliation entitled ‘Through the Eyes of the Rainbow Serpent.’

Ms Councillor talked about the workings of the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation, and recounted some of her own experiences reuniting families and what it means to be reunited.

“It’s about finding your spirit and being the person you are meant to be,” she said.

Ms Councillor also reflected on her recent trip to Canada for an international conference of Indigenous Peoples.

Father Frank Brennan SJ was a guest at the Broome Campus for two weeks and the lecture was the highlight of his 13 day visit to the Kimberley.

The current Professor of Law at Notre Dame’s Sydney Campus is well known as a writer, speaker and advocate in areas of law, social justice and reconciliation and he began his conversation, entitled ‘Sharing Country’ by inviting the guests to offer suggestions on what they would like to hear.

The invitation was the catalyst for an insightful discussion of many issues including Native Title and the upcoming 20 year anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Alice Springs.

Fr Brennan expressed his optimism for the future of reconciliation in Australia based on what has been achieved in the recent past.

He said the movement for reconciliation had been taken over by the people and was moving forward despite some perceived lack of political will on the part of some national leaders.

“It was a highlight of our year here on the Broome Campus for us to welcome Raelene Councillor and Frank Brennan who make such an effective contribution to the mission of reconciliation in our country,” said Broome Campus Deputy Vice Chancellor Sr Sonia Wagner.