otre Dame Lecturer Reaches National and International Audiences

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Media Release

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Spring 10-10-2006

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

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Communications Lecturer, Andrew Milner has recently found success at the Australian and International Film Festivals.

His short film Sleeper was accepted into the Australian International Short Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Los Angeles Short Film Festival, Fitzroy Film Festival, New York Moviephone and the Port Townsend (Seattle) Film Festival.Sleeper was also accepted into the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, and the Melbourne, Barcelona and Milan International Film Festivals.

Sleeper tells the story of Rosko (28), a courier driver, whose world has become a disjointed collection of random moments. His dreams repeat scenes of ordinariness and he finds himself snapping in and out of consciousness at the wheel of his van.

The short film produced by Liz Fay, directed by Andrew Milner and written by Phil Jeng Kane was funded by ScreenWest , FilmEx grant in 2004. It is Milner’s second short film.