Notre Dame Students Race to Help at City to Surf

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Media Release

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Winter 29-8-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus got behind this year’s City to Surf like never before.

Not only were there a number of Notre Dame teams entered to race in the annual fun run, but over 70 staff and students volunteered to help out on the day.

Physiotherapy students helped provide assessment and management of injuries sustained during the race in conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia. A number of Notre Dame students participating in the event visited the team for treatment!

Several other Notre Dame students assisted the Sports Medicine Cover using the Sports Trainer’s certificate gained through their enrolment in Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.

“These students had a very important role in the event”, said Head of Physiotherapy and team supervisor Professor Peter Hamer. “They often provided the first contact with injured runners at the end of the race and assisted them to the Medical Rooms.”

Many of Notre Dame’s study abroad students from the United States also put their hands up to help, by giving out water at the 9km drink station.

Volunteer and Notre Dame staff member Marinanna Erkens said it was a great effort by everyone and all the students in the group were very enthusiastic in encouraging the runners.

“The atmosphere at our drink station was a lot of fun. The students really enjoyed being a part of such a huge Perth event, though I don’t think they were prepared for how wet the job was going to be. In the end it was a great team effort,” Marianna said.

“Volunteering is a key element of Notre Dame’s ethos,” said Student Life Officer, Betty Apps. “The City to Surf was a unique opportunity for the University to be involved in the Perth community.”