Notre Dame to establish law program in Broome

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Media Release

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Winter 28-8-2006

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The Univeristy of Notre Dame, Broome

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The University of Notre Dame Australia today announced plans to establish a branch of its Fremantle Law School in Broome.

The University aims to establish the first two years of its existing Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program on its Broome Campus, beginning next year. In 2007, the first year of the LLB program will be run. In 2008 and beyond, the first and second years of the program will operate. Students will complete the final two years of their degree on the Fremantle Campus.

Sister Sonia Wagner, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Broome Campus, described it as a great step forward both for the University and the region. “It demonstrates the University’s commitment to the Kimberley region and indigenous higher education, and our determination to further expand and develop our Campus of Reconciliation”.

“It is a very exciting project,” Professor Michael Gillooly, Notre Dame’s Dean of Law, said. “Not only will the program provide a unique opportunity for students in the Kimberley to study Law, but Fremantle students will also be able to incorporate a stint in Broome within the framework of their degree. Though the numbers of students involved are expected to be relatively small, the program offers wonderful scope for cross cultural interchange”.

The decision to establish Law at Broome is the culmination of a substantial period of consultation with interested stakeholders. Maintaining the rigour and uniqueness of the Notre Dame Law degree is a key priority. The University expressed its gratitude to all those who have been involved in the process thus far, and thanked them for their constructive suggestions and support.