Sisters of St John of God research perceptions at Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Winter 10-8-2006

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The Univeristy of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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Representatives from the Order of the Sisters of St John of God (SJOG) visited The University of Notre Dame Australia’s, Fremantle Campus recently to promote their Order and to share their new approach to Vocations Ministry with young women on the campus. The SJOG are major health care providers with hospitals and counselling centres all over Australia.

The SJOG are very keen to raise awareness of their work within the Western Australian community and to give health care students the opportunity to discover what SJOG have to offer them whilst they are studying and when they have graduated.

Sister Ann Cullinane the Vocation Director for SJOG was part of the visiting group and came particularly to engage young women in helping the Sisters understand how life as a member of a religious order is regarded.

“We wanted to get a focus group together at Notre Dame to help us understand the perceptions within the community regarding religious life and the vocations young people of today are attracted to,” Sister Cullinane said.

“We realise we need more opportunities to share our story. It is obvious from our research that young people see St John of God as the hospital only and we need to inform them of our varied ministries,” Sister Cullinane said.

The Order is now conducting more focus groups and will be holding talks around Perth and up in Broome over the upcoming weeks.