Sydney Bishop brings Good News of World Youth Day

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Media Release

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Winter 18-7-2006

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The Univeristy of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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Eight hundred Catholics gathered on Sunday 16 th July in The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Drill Hall for the Catholic Youth Ministry’s (CYM) annual International Youth Day Mass to celebrate being ‘young in Christ’ and to get ‘fired-up’ about the coming of World Youth Day to Sydney in 2008.

This year’s guest was Sydney’s Auxiliary Bishop, the Most Reverend Anthony Fisher op, the coordinator of 2008 World You Day (WYD) Mass which will be held in Sydney.

Bishop Fisher joined Perth’s Auxiliary Bishop, the Most Reverend Don Sproxton along with 12 other priests in celebrating Mass.

In his homily and in an information session that followed the Mass, Bishop Fisher affirmed the importance that young people have in the life of the Church:

“Young people need Christ and His Church and the Church needs young people for its renewal.”

He went on to convey the sheer scale and significance of WYD Sydney 2008 in the Church’s growth: “Our Church and Australia will never be the same again…World Youth Day is not just for 2008, but will be felt throughout Australia for the next 20 years and beyond,” he said.

The Bishop advised that his organising team expected 500,000 people to be present throughout the week of events that make up the World Youth Day experience, with 130,000 of them being from overseas.

He described the key elements of the week - the opening Mass, catechesis, cultural and musical events, constant access to the sacraments, a vocations expo, a Stations of the Cross procession around the Sydney foreshore, a night vigil and the concluding World Youth Day Mass with the Pope.

Bishop Fisher also launched the Activ8 package designed to help parishes, schools and movements to prepare young people in the lead up to World Youth Day. The 15 minute DVD included in the package was shown with Bishop Fisher encouraging everyone to find out more by visiting the WYD website at www.wyd2008.org and signing up to their e-pilgrimage newsletter.

As part of the evening, Mr Patrick Horneman launched the CYM’s Bibbulmun Track Initiative which aims to prepare youth spiritually, mentally and physically for pilgrimage and team building by walking part of the Bibbulmun Track.

Mr Horneman encouraged the audience to go to the Catholic Youth Ministry’s website for more news – www.cym.com.au.

“This was a community event in the truest sense and a sign of bigger and better things to come as the Holy Spirit leads us to Sydney 2008,” said CYM Youth Coordinator, Robert Hiini.