The Univeristy of Notre Dame Australia hosts Department of Education and Training conference

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Media Release

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Winter 13-6-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus recently hosted the From Retention to Participation: Programs for Success workshop which was presented by the Participation (formerly, the Retention and Transition Program Implementation) Directorate, in conjunction with the Senior Schooling Association (SSA) and WA Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA) on 8 th and 9 th June.

The workshop was conducted in response to the raising of the school leaving age from 15 to 16 years of age at the beginning of 2006. As a result, educational institutions – government and non-government schools and TAFEWA colleges - have experienced increased numbers of Year 11s participating in education and training. The workshop showcased programs designed by practitioners to cater for these students.

The two day workshop attracted 230 participants from regional and metropolitan areas who are responsible for delivering education and training across all sectors in WA. Its focus was to offer practical advice and ideas which could support them in their roles of brokering the most appropriate transition pathways for their students.

Participants heard first-hand about the success stories of programs operated by colleagues and peers. Antoinette Morris from North Lake Senior College for example, shared her College’s successful ‘Fremantle Fast Track Program’ which provides alternative, individualized approaches to assist young people in danger of disengaging from education, training, employment or combinations of these options. This outstanding program offers two courses: A Year 10 Access and Bridging course and a Year 11 Transition Studies course. The program has two of the first personal development courses to be accredited by the Curriculum Council, Life Skills and Learning Skills. The program has been highly successful with both courses immersed within a structure of best practice for managing disengaged youth.