Notre Dame wins heritage award

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Media Release

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Winter 13-6-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus, recently won a heritage award for its conversion of the Fremantle Furniture Factory on Henry Street into the University’s new School of Medicine.

The award was presented to Notre Dame at the prestigious Fremantle and East Fremantle Heritage Awards, held during Heritage week. These awards were designed to encourage, recognise and reward endeavours to protect and conserve Fremantle’s special character.

The category the University received the award for - Conservation of residential, commercial or industrial heritage places - was judged on how the specific project helped to maintain Fremantle’s heritage. The project also needed to show equal consideration is given to the place as a whole, including both restoration and extensions.

The Judges said that Notre Dame won the award because its adaptation of the former warehouse respects the cultural significance of the place. They also commented that the material used in the conversion allows the new work to be recognised from its original structure and its reversibility insures the integrity of the building remains for any future adaptation.

The Vice Chancellor said the University was very pleased to receive the award. He said it recognised and reinforced the University’s continuing endeavour to be a positive presence in the City of Fremantle by its careful use of its wonderful old buildings. He said there was no better way to protect and preserve the historic buildings of the West End than to use them.

“The University takes great pride in its buildings and looks after them in a way that maintains their integrity while adapting them for current use. I congratulate our architect and builder on this great achievement.”

The University Architect, Marcus Collins and the builder, Bill Fairweather have worked on all the ‘re-cycling’ and adaptation of Notre Dame’s buildings in the West End of Fremantle and have received much recognition and praise for their work. This award will be the ninth Marcus Collins has received for his work on the University.